Art & Climbing

Kunst en Klimwerk van Mirjam Verbeek


A sportclimbing trainingbook in Dutch

The book is illustrated and written by Mirjam Verbeek.


Mirjam Verbeek is a professional climbing instructor (Brevet d'Etat d'Escalade, by the FFME). This allows her to guide Terrain d'Avonture, Multi pich routes, Via Ferrata's (klettersteigs) canyonings and sportclimbing all over the world.

She was Dutch Champion in the years 1991-'93 - '94 - '95 - '96 - '97 - '98. After this she decided to do only outdoor climbing. Making art, traveling and being in nature is what she loves! She gives lots of trainings and outdoor courses, to give her passion forward to other people.

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