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Orpierre - Verdon   

 After all the experience of  being a climbingguide I wrote a book about climbingtraining. 


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Orpierre will still be a perfect basecamp to learn climbing for everybody who wants to level up their climbing skills. There are climbingroutes for beginners and advanced climbers, but also long routes to climb up the higher walls which are well bolted and save to learn the skills for multi-pitch routes.

Climbing lessons: Google at: Orpierre escalade and you will find different companies and prises.

Stay:  You can stay in the vacationhouses, the french name for it is "Gîte" or stay on the campsite of Orpierre. 

When: spring-summer-fall

Many people climbed their first hard routes in Orpierre. Because of good bolted routes and all levels close to eachother, many climbers feel the good and easy-going vibes in this area. 

You can climb in sunny ot shadow sides. Also multi-pitch routes and a Via Ferrata can be sunny or shady.


The area for multi-pitch routes and advanced sportclimbing.

Climbinglevel: be sure that you can lead-climb on climbinglevel 6A or more.

Stay: There are 3 campsites in La Palut sur Verdon. That's the village where the most climbers stay. Sleeping in a "Gîte" is also possible. 

When: The best time is around the summer period. In spring or fall, it can easy get cold when the sun is gone. And don't forget that the days are longer around 21th of june, so that will give you more daylight for the longer routes!

Be arware that the VERDON is very big and that you need a car to get close to the different sections.

There is so many types of routes and grades that you can spend a lifetime in trhe VERDON and still not be able to climb every route! It's worth a visit!