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Ibiza - Mallorca - Kalymnos

Climbing around the Mediterranean area for leadclimbers

I did a lot of climbing courses at these 3 islands. So here some information

Climbing at the Mediterranean Islands is full of fun and will give you very good sunny wheather all year long. Personally is summer too hot for me, but all the rest of the year can be perfect. I selected Ibiza and Mallorca because of the easy and cheap flights. Because of spiritual reasons I discovered the sportclimbing in Ibiza. They are still working on rebolting every area. Maybe you can help the locals by sponsoring them.


Ibiza/Spain: Spring and fall 

Mallorca/Spain: In the fall the temperature of the sea will be warmer. This will be very nice for the deepwater solo climbing.

Kalymnos/Greece: Spring and fall.


Watch this deep water solo climb:

lbiza is a wonderfull relaxed small island. It has a hippie history what you still feel. The DJ disco's are more for summer tourists. And these are more around the cities.  most climbers like more the nature areas. You can even camp in stead of renting a hotel, house or appartment. The island is small, so evry distance to the climbing sections are short. But you still need to rent a car to get everywhere you want. Locals are still developping new sections , as well as sportclimbing as multi-pitch routes. 


Mallorca is 4 times as big as Ibiza. you can also find real mountain landscape and there are varied rock formations with beautifull forms and colours.  But  also nice beaches with climbing above the sea. This deep-water-climbing is very developed and specially on the east side of the island. The guidebooks are thick because of all the routes everywhere! It can be nice to prepare yourself where you can find the best spots for your style of climbing. 


In the early spring the temperatures are in Kalymnos already very nice for climbing. Finelly sun after the long winter! Kalymnos is a real climbers paradise! Very nice routes in beatyfull formations an d very good bolted. The stay will be close to the rocks. So if you don't want to rent a scooter or car, some climbers walk to the rocks. But if you want see more other climbingareas and see much more from the island,, than don't doubt to play tourist and enjoy the very nice greece restaurants and beaches!  

look at:  Petzl Rock Trip 2004

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